Reveal the Encounter Issue 13: HOPE

Where does your Hope lay?

As we walk through this first week of Advent, we focus on Hope.  But, what does Hope look like?  What types of things and people should be placing our hope in?  What if I’m struggling with Hope?

Before we can even begin to answer any of these questions, before we can accept the message of hope, we have to understand hope takes trust.

TRUST, that word can scare the stuff out of us!  It can paralyze even the strongest and mightiest!

We have all been hurt and betrayed at some point in our lives, some more than others, but we have all felt the sting of our trust being betrayed.  It has left a scare that makes it hard or maybe seem impossible to trust again.  It makes us question everything and everyone, even ourselves.  Because of that, we may have even become cynical about Hope.  Hope seems likes a waste of time to us because we always seem to get let down.

The opposition to Hope has even made some of us feel like God has let us down and we can’t trust Him, which means we can’t even put our Hope in Him.
Isn’t that what Christmas and Advent is all about?  It’s a reminder and it’s Hope that God’s not done and that He really does love us, really does want us to experience what He created us to experience.  It’s a reminder that with God, there are possibilities.  There’s the possibility of healing not only in our lives but in this world.  There are possibilities of peace.  There are possibilities of freedom.  There are possibilities to see glimpses of how God created everything to be!

This is where some would say, “Trust me”, but instead I think we need to say, “Trust God”.  To be honest, I can let you down, your friends can let you down, your family can let you down, even the Church can let you down.  While the Church may be the hands, feet and face of God in this world, it is not God!  We may need the Church and to be a part of the Church, it’s not the source of our Hope.  Christmas is not about seeing the Hope of the Church but seeing the possibilities of what can be for you, me and this world.  Is there Hope for the Church?  Absolutely!  The Hope of the Church is also found in this Christmas season.

While we spend this time of year thinking of all the things we are thankful for and blessed by, may we not forget to look forward.  Hope is found behind us and before us.  Don’t let the past dictate how you look and Hope in the future.  All I can say is that when I truly put my trust and Hope in God, I am never disappointed!  I may be disappointed in the things of this world but I am never disappointed in God.

I pray that this year as you walk through this Advent season, you find the ability to remember that Hope has come, Hope is yet to come, Hope is here now!!
May you find the healing you need to trust and Hope again.
May you seek the source of the all Hope and not the cheap imitations that the opposition likes to throw at us.
May you feel the warm embrace of Hope from the One that thinks so much of you, that He sent His one and only son to bring you Hope.  Hope not in this world but in the possibilities of what He can be and do in our lives and this world if we only trust Him!

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