Reveal the Encounter Issue 15: CHAOS

You may have noticed or even wondered why it has been so long since I have written or shared anything in this blog.  I will have to admit, the last month and a half have been crazy!  Christmas is already a crazy time full of parties, family get-togethers, church activities, and so forth.  Unfortunately, we also got to add my father having emergency surgery right before Christmas and again the day after Christmas.  He still has months of recovery at this point but he is doing so much better and we can only thank God for that.

But, it’s amazing how times of stress like this can put strain on relationships and create chaos.  As a pastor you walk through these times with people all the time but its usually as an outsider.  Being an outsider looking in allows you to have certain perspectives that we can’t have being in the midst of the chaos.  First, we all need those individuals to come alongside us that aren’t blinded by the thick of it like we can be.  Secondly, we need to be prepared to forge forward in a healthy and constructive way.  When tragedy strikes and you are pulled into chaos, you have three choices, add to chaos, help bring order to chaos or bury your head in the sand and act like there’s nothing wrong.

I will have to admit, I have at some point or another in my life participated in all three.  I have added to chaos, I have tried to help bring order and I have also buried my head so far in the sand.  Isn’t that life though?  We spend so much of our life trying to navigate the waters of these choices.  Sometimes we make good, healthy and productive decisions and other times we make bad, unhealthy and unproductive ones.  But if life is full of relationships, our life is going to be full of these circumstances.  As Christians, God is calling us to help represent Him in these relationships and circumstances.  We can’t stick our heads in the sand and wish that things would just miraculously change or go back to the way they were.  We also can’t add to the chaos.  God is all about order.  When He created this world and universe as we know it, He was bringing order to chaos.  He was helping bring order to chaos when He sent His one and only son to die on a cross.  Our entire Bible is devoted to the story of God trying to bring order to chaos.

What are you doing to help bring order to chaos?  God has called us to help participate in this ministry of order.  While we can't bring order ourselves, we can be a "disciple" of the One who can bring order.  That’s what all this “Building the Kingdom” stuff is.  God is wanting to partner with us in this incredibly mission. But, I will have to admit that as I spent the last month in what seemed like chaos, I couldn’t think of anything but myself and my situation.  I can’t help but wonder how many other Christians are out there with a desire to help in this mission but don’t know how or they are so busy dealing with their own chaos.  While my heart grieves for those in the midst of it or are struggling to find a way out of chaos, I can’t help but ask, “Church where are?”  Isn’t the church supposed to be there to help people make their way through chaos, to help bring order to their lives through the love and power of God?  Isn’t the church supposed to be there to help people find a way to live this mission out?

I may be getting on my soapbox for a minute but we need to stop focusing on so many things that don’t matter and start focusing on people, relationship and the chaos that seems to consume so many lives and this world.  Let’s stop worrying about building bigger and nicer buildings and focus on loving people.  Let’s stop worrying about having enough money, staff or the best worship music in town and help in the fight of the chaos of greed, selfishness, poverty, bigotry, consumerism and so forth.  Let’s stop acting like programing will do what only an encounter with God can do, an encounter that we can help facilitate and example for others!

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