Reveal the Encounter Issue 17: ACTIVATION

This last weekend I was privileged to virtually participate in a global conference for microchurches.  I wish I could have been in person at the conference but even then, there was something still so powerful knowing that you were collaborating, worshipping, learning, growing, etc. with other ministry like minded individuals.  This conference had microchurch networks from over 30 different countries represented and 20 different networks collaborating in putting the conference on.  I will have to admit that this conference came at just the right time for me.  It seemed like the discouragements and distractions against this vision of a microchurch network were just piling up.  Something powerful can happen when we gather and there are so many different ways to gather.  We can gather as Christians, as denominations, districts, churches, small groups, ministers, layman, men, women, youth, children, similar ministry models, and so many more ways that I could continue to list out.

I will have to apologize right now for many upcoming posts that will probably spin-off from the conference but God has given me a lot of things to process and share.  I have no clue who all reads these posts and what it does for them, I only know that I am not alone in my vision for microchurches.  There are others out there that need to hear that the ideas, visions, and thoughts they have are not some individual abnormality but are in fact real because they are not alone.  It has always amazed me how many individuals I have come across in my ministry that always say the same thing, “I always thought… or I always knew there was more to… or I always thought there was something wrong with me for thinking…”. When we have real conversations when we gather, we discover and process the struggles, questions or doubts that we have had so that we may move beyond them and become more productive members of the Church.

I heard a great analogy by one of the speakers at the conference where she shared how there was so much potential and possibility in the first credit card her father gave her, but when her father forget to activate the card, it meant nothing and lost all potential and possibility.  In the same way, we are not doing a good job in the Church to activate its members.  There is so much potential and possibility within every expression of the Church but it means nothing if we don’t activate it.  We have to have real conversations and be able to express real feelings, concerns and even doubts or struggles with others if we want to activate the potential that God created each of us with.  Part of activating individuals is empowering them.  Empowering and activating people requires us to affirm their gifts, talents, visions and ideas.  I believe God is calling us all to something special but if we don’t ever see or understand that this potential is God given then it will never be activated.

So, if you connect the dots of this line of thinking, I believe and hope you will see that part of unlocking the potential of God’s creation is gathering in such a way that people can share and process their visions, passions and talents as well as their doubts, concerns or struggles.  It breaks my heart that we have thousands of churches across our country alone where no one is being activated and even worse, they aren’t being challenged or encouraged to activate.  They are like that credit card, siting in a wallet, never activated and losing out on all the potential that it has.

One last thought that I have concerning this thinking of gathering and unlocking potential.  A credit card has the potential of both good and bad.  Without proper preparation and support, a credit card can be a very bad thing.  We need to gather and support one another to not only help unlock the potential but to make sure that we are unlocking the potential of good, of something Godly.  If we don’t understand why we are being activated, for what purpose, we can very quickly become a danger.  So, let’s make sure that we are properly communicating what we are to be activated for.  If you have read previous posts in this blog, I pray that you come to see that we are to be activated for more than salvational purposes but for redemption and restoration.  Salvation will happen when we are redeemed and restored to what God created us for but there is more to redemption and restoration than salvation.  We can’t just tell people to go out and help people with the ABC’s of salvation, we have to help people live out their potential to bring harmony, redemption, restoration to their lives and the lives of all Creation.

So, have you been activated?

Have you been activated for the right purposes?

Have you helped in the activation of others?

No matter where you are at today, may you join in and begin the journey that God created you to be on and to help others discover the same for their lives.

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