What is a Microchurch?

Simply put, a microchurch is about "doing".  It is a group that is typically no more than 20 individuals who are bound together in a mission of loving others for God in a specific way.  A microchurch must have at least 3 elements: Worship, Community and Mission.  There may be more elements than this but these three things must be included.  No two groups will implement these elements the same way.

A microchurch strives to empower the believer to live out their faith in a unique way that God has called them to.  Microchurches are not centered around a worship service but a mission of loving others as God loves them.  If you are interested in joining a group, please check our current microchurch groups under Connect.  We would also love to encourage or talk with you if you're feeling a prompting to help share God's love to a specific group or geographic area in the Little Rock area.  Please send us a message and someone will get with you as soon as they are possible.  You may also find some additional info here.