What is a Microchurch?

Simply put, a microchurch is about "doing".  It is a group that is typically no more than 20 individuals who are bound together in a mission of loving others for God in a specific way.  A microchurch must have at least 3 elements: Worship, Community and Mission.  There may be more elements than this but these three things must be included.  No two groups will implement these elements the same way.

A microchurch strives to empower the believer to live out their faith in a unique way that God has called them to.  Microchurches are not centered around a worship service but a mission of loving others as God loves them.  If you are interested in joining a group, please check our current microchurch groups under Connect.  We would also love to encourage or talk with you if you're feeling a prompting to help share God's love to a specific group or geographic area in the Little Rock area.  Please send us a message and someone will get with you as soon as they are possible.  You may also find some additional info here.

“Look at the early church or modern China, both having few resources, yet every believer carried within them a virtue of the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit. They carried the potential for world transformation. If you were the last believer in the world, the only one, I assume God could create the church out of you alone. The Holy Spirit is capable of using you. Look at the metaphor of the seed: With a seed, we have the potential for a tree and then a forest. The only conclusion you can draw is that people with less capacity, less education, and fewer resources manage to pull it off. The answer is not more resources but empowering people to become who God intends them to be. Every congregation has innovative people who can take ideas and improve them. You just need to identify them and use their energies. The way to tip an organization toward change is to disciple such people because business as usual is not going to pull it off. Discipleship is the key, but it’s not a short-term solution.” - Alan Hirsch from Grace & Peace Magazine.